Terms and conditions

The following are the terms and condition of entry to the 2018 Arrow Experience (“the event”) June 17, 2018.
The terms are not negotiable and by entering the event via on-line registration and paying the registration fee, you are hereby acknowledging your acceptance of the terms and conditions. (For participants under 18, a parent or guardian accepts the terms by completing the registration.)

•    By participating, I acknowledge that trail walking is a low risk recreational activity and I accept these inherent risks and hazards.
•    I understand the walk is not a race and is conducted on trails and pathways used by other people and that the trails and pathways will not be closed to the general public.
•    I agree to follow any directions given by the Event Director or Event Authorities.
•    I will ensure I am competent to take part in the walk, that I am suitably protected from the sun, I will carry water and I will wear appropriate footwear.
•    I am in good health and physically capable of participating in the walk. I do not have any medical conditions that may affect my own safety or the safety of anyone involved in the event. I am not currently undergoing investigations for any as yet undiagnosed medical conditions.

•   I understand that the Far North Queensland Hospital Foundation reserves the right to cancel the Audi Arrow Experience in the event of inclement weather or other events that may pose an unacceptable risk to the health and safety of participants.

•    I understand that should the event be cancelled in the interest of participant safety, the Foundation reserves the right to reschedule the event with the option to refund the registration fee to participants. Donations made and raffle tickets sold to the Foundation cannot and shall not be refunded.

•    I agree to comply with the requirement to fundraise a minimum of $100.


Important information

Staying safe
The Arrow walks are strenuous, particularly the Green and Blue Arrow walks. Only fit walkers should tackle these walks. Stay on the track at all times.

Wear sensible clothes, walking shoes or boots.
You will be supplied with an Audi Arrow Experience hat prior to departure.
Wear or bring insect repellent to protect against insect bites.
Sunscreen should be applied before and during the walk to protect from sunburn.  

Water is not available on the tracks. It is advised that walkers take at least 1.5-2 litres of water or sports drink (per person) for the long course. Make sure you drink regularly during your walk.

Make sure you bring food. You are likely to spend several hours hiking and expending energy, so it is essential you can fuel up as you go. Think of bananas, carbohydrate gels, a sandwich, and maybe even some lollies or electrolytes in your water to keep you going.

Emergency procedures
Emergency procedures can be found inside this booklet (on the page with the map).

Domestic animals are not permitted in Mount Whitfield Conservation Park.

Looking after the park and yourself
Stay on the walking tracks at all times – this reduces the risk of injury, prevents disturbance to native vegetation and reduces erosion.
The areas that you will be walking in a national parks area. The Mount Whitfield Conservation Park is a protected area.
Do not remove plant material or animals. Do not chase, scare or feed animals.
Leave the area as you find it; take rubbish home.

Hiker’s etiquette

•    Stay to the left, pass on the right. When passing other hikers, please let them know in advance with a polite “passing!” to give them time to step aside and make way for you.
•    Yield to uphill traffic. It is possible that you encounter hikers from the opposite direction. Give way to them.
•    Leave no trace. Take your rubbish with you and stay on the trails.
•    Be aware of your surroundings. Many people will be joining you on the trails today so please be courteous, also for example when taking photographs and stopping.
•    Be friendly and have fun. This is not a race. It’s an event to raise funds for Cairns Hospital Emergency Department, so please enjoy the experience and have fun with others while taking in the trails of Mount Whitfield together.


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