We're looking for enthusiastic, capable and committed people with a strong "can do" attitude for various roles to facilitate the Audi Arrow Experience.

There are a number of roles - some pre-event and post event and of course, during the event.

We love our volunteers because without your help, this wouldn't happen.

Check out some brief details to give you more information about the help we need and how you might be able to contribute. Please lodge your expression of interest and we will be in touch.

More detailed Position Descriptions and instructions will be provided to our confirmed Volunteers closer to the event.

Pre and post event

Equipment co-ordinator

Suited to a physically fit person who is able to drive a vehicle, ideally with a trailer. There are a number of items that will need to be collected and prepared before the event (e.g. marquees, tables and chairs). The pickups will be in the week before June 17. Ideally, you also would co-ordinate equipment drop off and pick up from the event on Sunday, June 17.  We will source someone to help you with the above (or let us know if you have someone in mind who can help you). It would be great if you have your own vehicle with tow bar, or a vehicle with storage space (eg a van).

Equipment assistant

Suited to a physically fit person who can help the equipment co-ordinator (see above) with pickups and drop-offs.

Event administration

Suited to a person who can work with a personal computer and use excel spreadsheets. Create particpant lists, clip boards, and collate participant packs. Post event we will need some help collating data.

Food and drink stall co-ordinator

We are looking for someone who will liaise with food and drink stalls and manage them on the day of the event. You'll also be involved with the site layout and are welcome to contribute ideas in relation to stalls, types of food etc. Post event you'll ensure all vendors leave the event space tidy, as per the agreement with them.

Event day

Set up and pack down crew

We need some physically able people to help set up the event space. This will involve erecting market stall size marquees, moving tables chairs, etc.


All Arrow Experience participants need to sign in prior to departure. You'll be handing out caps to all participants.

Traffic control

At the start of the event, there will be many people coming and going in their cars, on bikes and there will be a shuttle bus. We need a few people to assist with directing people where to go at the Saltwater Creek carpark. You'll have to be able to be on your feet for some time.

Shuttle bus attendant

Participants who are going to walk the long course will be chauffeured to Whitfield from Saltwater Creek Car Park with a shuttle bus.  We need attendants who manage the queue and people entering the shuttle buses and collect their transfer tickets.

Arrow Experience Hosts

At the start of each Arrow course, we need hosts who welcome people to the start of the experience and keep track of the number of people who have entered the trail. You can either stand or be seated (bring your own chair that you can carry to where you are going to be).

Arrow Experience Guides

This position is only suitable for a reasonably fit person as you will need to walk the Arrow walk and be on your feet for some time.  As a guide, you will be stationed along the Arrow walk to ensure people follow the trail, and go into the right direction.

Arrow Trail Sweeper

At the end of the event we will need a couple of people to "sweep" the trail, to ensure all participants have returned to the starting point and exited the trails of Mt Whitfield safely.


Must have basic medical first aid certificate and offer first aid assistance where required.  Must have a mobile phone to be used In the event of an emergency to telephone 000.

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