Course details

Long course
If you choose to do the Long Course (11km approx.) you will be transported from the Saltwater Creek Car Park to the start of this walk – the Green Arrow - on Bel Air Drive, Whitfield. The Green Arrow walk is a 3km track which starts towards to the top of the Bel Air Drive and joins the Blue Arrow walk just over the top of Mt Whitfield. Walkers then take the Blue Arrow down towards Collins Avenue (4km approx.), and complete the popular Red Arrow loop (1.5km).  Upon completing the loop, take the new Yellow Arrow (2.5km), which takes you back to the Saltwater Creek Car Park. There will be food and drinks available.

Short course
The short course starts from the Saltwater Creek Car Park. From there you walk to the Yellow Arrow, which winds up on to the slopes of Mt Whitfield. After about 2.5km you join the Blue Arrow Walk for a few metres, down to the Red Arrow Walk. Taking the Red Arrow down towards the Red Arrow trail exit on Collins Avenue. To return to the Saltwater Creek Car Park, you’ll have an easy stroll along Saltwater Creek for approximately 1km.


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