Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is it a race?
A: No, this is a walk to be enjoyed solo or with a group and there are no prizes for those who complete the short or long course the fastest.

Q: Is it a relay?
A: No. The team aspect is purely to encourage you to share the experience and fundraise with others to secure some amazing prizes for your team.

Q: Can I run the course?
A: As mentioned, it is not a race and we do not encourage anyone to run the course due to the uneven terrain and the fact it is a single track. However, if you intend to cover the course at a fast pace, we ask you to be at the Saltwater Creek Car Park prior to 7am so we can shuttle you up to the Green Arrow early so you won't have (m)any hikers in front of you.

Q: Is there water available along the way?
A: There are no water bubblers installed along the Mt Whitfield trails. Therefore, all participants should carry their own water and/or sports drinks. We recommend approximately 2 litres for those doing the long course.

Q: Are there seats along the way?
A: There are some small benches scattered along the way, but not many. They are not mapped so if you need a break and see one, we recommend you have a rest then and there. On the Green Arrow, there is a satellite tower after about 2.5km with ample seating around it. If you are a bit weary from the hike uphill, we recommend you take a break at that point.

Q: How long will it take?
A: This really depends on your fitness level. For the long course, allow a minimum of three to four hours going at a steady pace with a couple of drink and food stops. The short course takes about one to 1.5 hours.

Q: Do I really have to fundraise $100?
A: No, you are allowed to raise far more! In all seriousness, yes, we ask every participant to raise $100 or more as this is a fundraising event for Cairns Hospital Emergency Department. The highest fundraising teams can win some amazing Sunlover prizes too!

Q: I would like to do the Arrow with more than 4 others, can we be on the same team?
A: While you can certainly all do the walk together, registered teams can only consist of 4 members. This is because teams are competing against each other for highest fundraising prizes and there are only 4 prizes available per team.

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