Why tackle the Arrow Experience?

The Arrow Trails on Mount Whitfield are close to the Cairns CBD and provide hundreds of residents with a daily exercise adventure and nature experience. The vegetation is mostly rainforest with patches of eucalyptus, grasslands and bamboo, all of which provide great shade from our FNQ sunshine. If you’re lucky, you will see animals such as bush turkeys and agile wallabies, and the views…Well they make every step worthwhile and you will be treated to spectacular sights along the way.

There are two course options which cater for different levels of fitness. Both courses are fully supported with volunteers and medics positioned along the trails. This is not a running race or a relay.

You may be a first-timer wanting to experience the Arrows while walking and chatting with family and friends. The short course consists of a loop starting at Aeroglen, with participants walking the gentler Yellow Arrow, down the Red Arrow, along Collins Avenue and then the Saltwater Creek path back to Aeroglen.

Or, you may want to set yourself a challenge and tackle the more strenuous long course which covers all four Arrows – Green, Blue, Red and Yellow. If you choose this option, we will ferry you by bus from Aeroglen to the start of the Green Arrow in Whitfield and you can then walk about 10.4km of the beautiful trails before arriving back at Aeroglen Touch Park.

Here you can relax, re-hydrate and refuel. There will be food and drink available and we'll be broadcasting Star FM.

Besides these reasons to tackle trails, there is of course also the all important fundraising element: raising money for Cairns Hospital Emergency Department. We are asking each participant to fundraise a minimum of $100.

We will be giving away highest fundraiser prizes and announcing the winner of the Audi A1 on Sunday June 17th.

Course details:

Short course:
Yellow and Red Arrows.

Long course:

Start at the Green, then onto the Blue, Red and Yellow arrows.

Whichever course you choose, this is a day about getting outside and active, having fun and helping raise funds for local health services.


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